Diagnostics in an intercultural context

Welcome to Q-cultural,

The open access portal Q-cultural provides psychometrically tested questionnaires for the diagnosis of mental disorders and stress as well as risk and protective factors of refugees for practitioners and researchers in different languages. It is designed as a modular tool. In the core module, questionnaires are provided that can be used to assess the most common mental disorders of refugees. In the additional module, further instruments are provided that can be used as a supplement.

Our goal is to support the diagnosis of mental stress and resources in refugees and to provide additional tools for working in an intercultural context. A special focus of the portal is that the procedures have been psychometrically tested as interculturally as possible.

This is important in order to reliably assess psychological stress among refugees in clinical work, since ambiguities at the cultural and linguistic level can lead to misjudgments.

All instruments provided here are freely available. The associated short manuals are also available for free download on this page.

In addition, we provide short information sheets on various aspects of diagnosis and treatment in an intercultural context.

The portal was created as part of the BMBF-funded project I-REACH and is continuously supplemented and updated.